Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. (CRC) is a case management, habilitation/rehabilitation1 and vocational counseling company that serves individuals with disabilities, individuals who are experiencing major life changes, and those who care for them. We have been an independent national provider of medical case management and rehabilitative services since 1981 and are recognized nationwide for developing, managing, and evaluating health and rehabilitation services, facilities and programs.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. offers assistance to families and individuals with disabilities nationally and internationally. To learn more about CRC and our services, we invite you to browse through our website.

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  1. Habilitation and Rehabilitation are structured programs designed to enable individuals to progress as much as possible toward their maximum degree of physical, mental, social and economic self-sufficiency. Programs begin with evaluations as needed. These could include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychological, neuro-psychological, medical, psycho-social and others as needed. The evaluations outline what people can do on their own without any help, what care and treatment they need, and what the goals are. It also outlines what they should be able to do if they get an accommodation or equipment, what they can’t do or should not do, and if they need someone else to do it for them.
    Habilitation helps people with disabilities that started at a very early age, before they had acquired the skills to take care of themselves. It comprises services that help disabled individuals learn to do things for the first time. Through habilitation, individuals begin to learn to do things that most people learn, but in ways that have been specifically adapted for their disabilities.
    Rehabilitation takes place when people become injured and disabled, and need to reacquire the ability to do things they could do before. Rehabilitation helps people to restore skills and abilities they once had. In contrast to habilitation, where individuals learn things for the first time, individuals in rehabilitation work to relearn tasks they were previously capable of performing.