CRC’s professionals are determined to help individuals become as independent and as self-sufficient as possible. We will also strive to ensure continued support and availability to our clients and their families. Our team is committed to conducting its work in a professional manner while maintaining objectivity and never using its professional position to promote other products or services.


The CRC team will evaluate an individual’s abilities and limitations and analyze this information to identify medical, therapeutic, vocational, educational, or other services that would be beneficial.

The CRC team will collaborate with physicians, therapists, teachers, families, and other professionals to compile the best recommendations possible for our clients based on what they can do on their own; what they can do if they receive the care they need; what they can do, but not without possibly causing harm or secondary complications; and what they can’t do and need someone to do for them.

The CRC team will evaluate and/or reevaluate the services an individual is receiving and his/her present and future needs as necessary.