CRC’s employees continuously strive to share the knowledge, experiences, and expertise they have gained through their many years of work in the fields of case management, rehabilitation, habilitation and vocational counseling.  Over the course of its existence, CRC employees have produced numerous publications, books, articles, papers, and workbooks on many topics related to working with individuals with disabilities.

CRC takes pride in making efforts to share information with its peers and the public. The work of CRC’s employees has been printed in professional organizational publications such as Professional Case Management and The Rehabilitation Professional.

Topics that have been covered in works published by our employees have included:

  • What is Aging and How is it Different with a Disability?
  • The Role of Rehabilitation Professionals in TMJ Cases
  • A Personal Perspective on Catastrophic Case Management
  • A Different Kind of Workers’ Compensation
  • Glossary of Human Services Terminology

Please browse through the Publications area of our website to learn more about the works produced by CRC, and feel free to Contact Us for a list of all of our publications, ordering information or to receive printed copies.