Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants’ team consists of social workers, psychologists, educational, vocational, rehabilitation/habilitation specialists, nurses, therapists, case managers, guardians, and others as needed. While many consultants conduct their work independently, ours work together and with all of the doctors, therapists, teachers, or other individuals who have evaluated and/or provided care to our clients. We work as a team to provide a customized and personalized experience so that our clients benefit from the best of both worlds: one professional who works with you on a personal basis to address your needs and advocate on your behalf and a team of professionals to lend their expertise and experience to ensure your receive the most comprehensive plans possible.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants has a depth of experience combined with the required degrees, training, and certifications. Our staff includes people of many cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Many of us have “been there” and understand the effects that a disability or catastrophic injury can have on the lives of individuals and their families. Some of us have experienced it first hand, while some of us have experienced it through family or friends.

Our knowledge and years of experience enable us to provide quality and cost effective services in a professional manner. We do as much – or as little – as needed to see that the needs of the people we serve are met as effectively as possible.