Identifying and choosing the right programs, services or home health care providers can make an enormous difference in the comfort, health and safety of an individual. Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants provides information to help its clients make the best possible choices for their specific requirements. We are sensitive to the intimate nature of home health care and strive to match individuals with providers who are responsive to their unique needs.

Examples of recommendations CRC has helped to provide include:

  • Interviewing home health care agencies for appropriateness for clients
  • Searching for therapists specializing in a particular areas to meet the needs of clients who have experienced different types of trauma
  • Visiting short term and long term residential facilities to determine suitability for our clients
  • Finding safe and appropriate transitional living and educational programs for young adults
  • Searching for facilities that specialize in helping adults with traumatic brain injuries
  • Visiting group homes to determine suitability for clients with disabilities
  • Searching for treatment facilities, therapists, and schools suitable for children with reactive attachment disorder or severe mental illness nationwide
  • Locating day and summer camps that specialize in children and adults with special needs

For more information, please contact the Case Management department.