Into the Future: Planning for Individuals Who Need a Lifetime of Support is a workbook developed to help caregivers in planning for the time when they will no longer be able to care for their loved one with a disability, a chronic illness, or other long-term need. It is also a powerful tool for managing the day-to-day needs of someone who requires special care.

More people than ever before are caring for someone with a disability. Into the Future provides information and forms for the reader to complete with topics that include the identification of people with disabilities, life history, habits and preferences, emotional issues, medical information, future planning, financial information, and legal arrangements. Medical, therapy, and equipment needs are clarified as readers go over the records necessary to complete the workbook. We also include comprehensive information on vital topics such as guardianships, trusts, government benefits, and financial, and legal arrangements.

Into the Future is not a legal document, nor does it take the place of a financial planner or attorney. It gives the reader the structure and guidance necessary to create a cohesive and clear picture that will enable any future guardians to make the transition of care as smooth as possible. The protection of the individual is at the heart of this workbook. Into the Future will not only help determine basic needs such as prescription medications and wheelchairs, but will also identify, define, and articulate the emotional, social and psychological needs of the individual. This can then be passed on to future caregivers as a fully comprehensive view of the individual’s needs, resulting in minimal conflicts when caregivers change and allowing for maximum preservation of the individual’s well-being in every respect.

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