Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants helps people get to work or get back to work after an injury.

Our vocational evaluation staff works with each individual to identify vocational interests, transferable skills, academic achievement levels and aptitudes to determine their overall potential for succeeding in specific occupations.  We assess job tasks, aptitudes, interests, achievements, physical abilities, work flow, and any risk factors or causes for discomfort on the job.  We produce a comprehensive assessment document outlining the job with recommendations for appropriate modifications and any needed additional training.

Our job development services include assisting the client to identify current job openings and arranging interviews. When appropriate, the vocational consultant will accompany clients to interviews to evaluate job seeking skills. Job development services include resume and cover letter preparation, along with job seeking skills training. We assist people with disabilities to form and grow businesses (self-employment).  We also help veterans transition into civilian life.

We provide vocational services to assist people in pursuing a job best suited to their abilities and interests.

Vocational evaluation – development of a vocational profile and work history, objective measurement of the person’s job performance capacity and assessment of long-term potential.

Neuropsychological evaluation – assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the brain in areas such as cognitive, motor, language, and behavioral functioning to determine the need for rehabilitative, habilitative, therapeutic, educational, or other services.

Earning capacity study – vocational employment analysis, capacity to work, labor market analysis and calculation of lost earnings and earning capacity.

Physical capacity assessment – in-depth determination of physical abilities, work behaviors and evaluation of how a person can perform various aspects of jobs.

Analysis of transferable vocational skills – evaluation of which pre-injury skills are intact and can be transferred to a new occupation or job.

Job development, placement and follow-up – career counseling, career and aptitude testing, job placement and follow-up.

Job analysis – determination of levels of skills, interests, aptitudes and academic requirements of a particular job in relation to a client’s abilities and disabilities.

Job modification – recommendation of changes in job duties are tasks in order to take full advantage of the job seeker’s aptitudes and skills.

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